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VANCEN Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.

Vancen Environment Technology Co., Ltd. is an Equipment & Operation Supplier for Low-carbon Optimized Solid Waste Resources integrating R&D design, equipment manufacturing, complete set integration, engineering installation and investment operation services, committed to construction and decoration waste, large-sized landscape waste, stale waste, recyclables, waste recycled materials, MSW waste compression transfer station and other solid waste fields to provide customers with one-stop services, and provides advanced technology and equipment in the national environmental protection new infrastructure "Filling Gaps" project.

       The company takes the lead in the research and development of "Dual Carbon" project in the industry, applies "C+S" high-efficiency crushing and precise screening technology, intelligent sorting technology with accurate identification and dynamic ultra-high-speed grabbing, "3F-CR" carbon reduction and carbon sequestration technology, and through smart operation management system to realize digital cloud platform control and empowerment, promote the construction of intelligent and digital "Waste-free City", and realize the corporate vision of "Recycling Technology Creates Value for Customers". The company has more than 150 patents and various kinds of copyrights, is the main drafting or participating unit of multiple national and industry standards, has been awarded the titles of specialized and innovative enterprise, science and technology little giant, mountain goat enterprise, the most growing high-tech enterprise and other titles, many technologies have won the scientific and technological progress awards and reached the international advanced level through the new products and new technologies appraisal, shortlisted in the "Catalog of Advanced Technology and Equipment of National Four Ministries and Commissions ", and fulfilled the mission of "science and technology make cities more environmentally friendly and lives better".

Core Equipment Technology
  • Crushing Equipments
  • Separator Equipments
  • Sorting Equipments
  • AI Sorting Equipments
  • Conveyor Equipments
  • Other Equipments
Optimal Recycling Technology
  • Construction Waste
  • Decoration Waste
  • Large-sized Waste
  • Recyclables
  • Stale MSW
  • MSW Waste
  • Kitchen & Food Waste
  • Waste Household Appliances
  • Industrial Waste
  • Landscape Waste
  • Waste Batteries
  • Waste Wind Blade
Application Cases
  • The project covers an area of 43,000㎡with an investment of CNY 128.39 million and a recycling rate is designed to be over 98%. As a benchmark of Jingjiang, the C&D waste recycling project plays a demonstration and promotion role in the construction of circular economy and the promotion of green development.
  • We won the bid in May 2019 and supplied machines of crushing, screening and separating for the project with capacity of 600,000 tons/y. From the perspective of sustainable development strategy, our R&D team designed a high-efficient process, i.e. pre-positioning a process crushing before screening, which effectively improved the quality and purity of aggregate. The regenerated aggregate are of 0~10mm, 10mm~20mm and 20mm~31.5mm, with purity up to 98%. it is recycled into either bricks for venues construction or concrete for road-bed. The realization of green cycle makes a gesture of green Olympic Games by China.
  • We tailored a line of C&D waste recycling with capacity of 280,000 tons/y and another line of decoration waste with capacity of 120,000/y for Anji, Zhejiang, from where the concept that clear waters and green mountains are as good as mountains of gold and silver started. Ecological environment is the foundation of Anji's economic development. This project helps Anji pursue the concept and realize high-quality development of green economy.
  • The bidding adopted blind evaluation for technical part and our parent company Goldenma won it with its technical strength. We supplied the project with our solution and the whole recycling system. The capacity of the project is 1,000,000 tons of construction wasted stone, 500,000 tons of C&D waste, and 250,000 tons of decoration waste. It is a real realization of waste reducing, hazard-free and recycling disposal, and helps Chongqing realize waste-free.
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